How much would you pay to avoid all the STRESSFUL stuff about the holidays? According to a new survey by Yelp, here are 10 things that stress us out this time of year, and how much we’d pay to have someone else deal with them . . .

1. We’d pay $143 to have someone put up all our decorations, inside and outside.

2. We’d pay another $128 to have them all taken down.

3. To have all your holiday shopping done for you . . . $121.

4. To have all your gifts perfectly wrapped for everyone . . . $96.

5. To guarantee your significant other will love their present? We’d pay $134 ON TOP of what we’re planning to spend on the actual gift.

6. To have your entire holiday meal taken care of . . . $146. That includes buying the food, cooking everything, and doing the dishes.

7. We’d pay an extra $108 to make sure the turkey was perfect.

8. To guarantee no one at dinner argued about politics . . . $152.

9. To completely avoid your IN-LAWS this year . . . $158.

10. And the thing we’d pay the most for is to find our Christmas spirit again, and really enjoy the holidays like when we were kids . . . $259.

If you add it all up, that’s $1,445 worth of holiday stress.